Chasing a Sailing Dream



I enthusiastically experiment with self sufficient lifestyle skills and I share what I experience with images, text and video. Please support me as I go into the unknown. I can’t always afford these ventures but this is my passion and I hope it helps to inspire others.


 donations so far $25! We are just getting started and it feels amazing. updates: with this small initial funding of $25 I have bought an owner’s manual ebook for my boat, and a linksys long range discount wifi antenna from 🙂 feeling happy. I’ll be keeping a public account of where the donations go. I use my paypal card or online account for all the donation purchases.

Haul Out / Bottom Paint: $1000

Boats that stay in the water need to be hauled out every couple years and given new bottom anti-fouling paint. My boat has been sitting in the water maybe 10 years at my best guess.  I pay $50 a month to keep the growth off the hull and there is a lot of growth. The haul out and paint are separate costs.