Chasing a Sailing Dream

Dark Star – My 1977 Columbia 8.3

This is the story and news blog of Dark Star, my Columbia 8.3 27′ Cruising Sailboat. There’s a lot to tell and it will probably all unfold gradually as I make my blog posts. This post will get things going and take us on a photo-journal-journey from first seeing Dark Star to the current time.

Dark Star, My Columbia 8.3 27' Sailboat

It was winter time the first days I spent with Dark Star on anchor.

Columbia 8.3 stern. Matthew K Mayes. 27' Sailboat. inflatable dinghy.

Reviving Dark Star. I traveled to her on her anchor from my achilles dinghy with my 2 horse power honda from shore to clean up old things that had rusted and rotted from various accumulations.

towing a sailboat

But before I could relax with coffee and start deep cleaning, I had to have Dark Star towed to my anchorage. This is towing me from the place I bought Dark Star.

towing my sailboat

looking back at the inlet and the exhaust from the tow boat pulling my heavy barnacle covered ass.

dirty sailboat

Dirty neglected sailboat needing to be cleaned when I first bought her.

fresh cleaned deck on my sailboat

The first time I bleached the deck. I did this while being towed for 2 hrs, among other things.


The interior of my Columbia 8.3 before cleaning, with the very heavy fiberglass storm hood in the cabin.


Shortly after acquiring Dark Star, the fog rolled in.

And now some more recent photos to get us all caught up. The boat is just about done now, as far as safe functionality.

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