Chasing a Sailing Dream

The motor is back on and better than before


8hp outboard on Columbia 8.3 27′ sailboat “Darkstar”

Putting an outboard on a boat in the water is always a pain. This outboard weighs maybe 75 pounds. I delivered it to my boat yesterday after taking it off to let a friend borrow it, and then I took it to my brother’s house to work on it. I also got all new fuel lines. Pickup line, primer, all the attachments, all new and the line is a good 10ft long so I have got it run through a vent into the storage area below the cockpit where its out of the sun and out of my way. That in itself is a luxury in my book really. Ok So here’s the motor after I hoisted it out of the dinghy. I set it on the motor mount and got the dinghy out of the way because of the wake from boats. After a couple hours, I had the motor safely mounted. It’s always a fiasco so I avoid having to do this. From now on I’ll have to tell my friend NO! because its just too much risk and too much pain. The motor starts basically on the first pull. It used to never want to start. Its all about having great fuel lines in this case.

So, I’ve been working patiently toward the day I can get this boat moving on the water and navigating instead of sitting on its anchor. Yesterday I just about got it all ready finally and did my best to clean the 2 months of growth off the bottom with my DIY pole scraper. I do have to work occasionally on land unfortunately so my next day on the water is Saturday, which is tomorrow, when I’ll finally pull up my 2 anchors, and clean them one at a time the best I can, and motor through the draw bridge for my first time under my own power, and alone.

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