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Karma Wifi Hotspot and Simple Bank FREEDOM

(Update: I’ve been using Tmobile lately because its $35 a month for 6gigs and free video and audio streaming from leading web sources. This is a great deal for me. It covers my data only needs and that means my phone, because its all google based. But I keep my karma as a backup and because its on another tower system, and because the data never runs out, etc so I can just keep it like a spare gas tank, but really… for now Tmobile is better, and also includes hotspot)

I decided to finally invest in this portable wifi hotspot called Karma Go. I’ve been getting so sick of monthly bills and not being on time with them and getting my service shut off. A while back I got a google number so I would stop losing my number when my service got shut off. I grew more and more distant from monthly phone service and would sometimes skip paying it because my google voice number worked over wifi even when my phone service was turned off.

So then I researched and discovered where they sell this hotspot that doesn’t charge a monthly fee and that has good data rates that never expire. These people don’t make money off fine print. I finally ordered mine today and I’m looking forward to getting it in the mail and having that as my data security blanket that will never rip me off or force me to pay for another month of arbitrary data use that will be throttled down half way through the month.

I’m into this whole simplifying my resources thing and so I also joined Simple bank. I get no monthly fees, no overage fees, no unavailable funds fees, no minimum balance requirements. NO FEES EVER.

So basically I don’t have to worry about this shadowy figure following me with a gun in my back to remind me when my account is too low for his liking, or charging me for a loan i didn’t authorise, or asking for another $50 every month for data i may or may not need.


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