Chasing a Sailing Dream

My New Shrouds Before and After

It’s such a nice feeling having new shrouds, especially when the old ones were in as bad of shape as these. I am showing only one of the old shrouds below but the other side was just as bad. The shiny new one is my port side. I had to climb to the top of my mast and remove them both. I have steps on my mast that makes it easy. But it actually isn’t that easy. You dont want to drop anything on the fiberglass below from that height, including yourself. It’s 35 feet off the deck. Thats about 3 stories I guess.

New shroud

New shroud. 7/32″ original spec for columbia 8.3 standing rigging upper cap shroud.


Old shroud

Old shroud. Lots of life still left in this one. The shop said it was the worst they had ever seen in 20 years.

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