Chasing a Sailing Dream

Upgrades and Work Done to Columbia 8.3

Updated as work is done to Dark Star

Model: Columbia 8.3 27′ Sailboat 1977 with added inner forstay.

Purchased: Winter 2014

Documentation: Bought ebook of original manual

Sliding Companionway Hatch: dismantled and rebuilt. Had a hole rotted all the way through.

Motor: Added outboard transom mount and 8hp sailmaster extra long shaft added. The original non-working inboard was removed before purchase

Standing Rigging: Outer shrouds terribly rusted and chaffed. Now being replaced. Will update. (DONE)

Running Rigging: Inner headsail halyard badly chaffed. Will replace. (DONE)

Windows: sealed up the portlights from the outside with atv silicone

Leaks: fixed window leaks, and all deck leaks around fittings.

Interior: Tore out headliner and primed the fiberglass. Glued fabric to inside of hull at sitting areas and v-birth. Oiled wood. Removed rotted wood that was in place to hold the windows. Removed water damaged decorative plywood from around windows.

Old Junk: Removed a dumpster full of rusty, rotten junk out of the boat, salvaged and cleaned the good and useful stuff.

Radio: bought a handheld. the old vhf isn’t any good. removed all old radar stuff.

Electrical: Added solar power and 2 new large deep cycle marine batteries.

Lighting: Replaced all bulbs with LED inside and out. priority given to navigation lights.

Sails: soaked brass hanks and springs in vinegar, and loosened them all up.

Stern Mounts: Added several stainless tube pieces for structure aloft for mounting, and shade.

Brightwork: Oiled exterior teak with boiled linseed oil after light sanding

Tiller: Restored

Dock rash: sanded off hull both sides amid ships from black fender

Fuel Lines: All new components, fixed 95% of my motor problems.


columbia 8.3 27' sailboat st pete florida

The white thing on the bow is the dinghy upside down and covered.


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