Chasing a Sailing Dream

Running Rigging


Yesterday I set out to rig up the running lines to the main of my 1978 Columbia 8.3. First, i had to mount the sail on the boom and then the mast. I hooked up the outhaul to pull the clew of the sail aft on the boom, and then I cleated it off. Then I attached the main halyard and slowly hoisted it as I put the plastic slides into the track of the mast. I decided to try to reef the sail down to as little canvas as possible, shown in the photo. So I learned how to do that, after some mistakes. It seems the best way to do it is to have all the reefing lines run so that you can quickly reef when needed. I plan to start out reefed from the dock in some cases. This is better than no main and using only a headsail because it balances the boat a little, and even under power it is useful, and also helps steady the boat. Mind you, I haven’t even navigated whatsoever in this boat yet, as it has always been under tow. I then attached the main sheet and figured that out. I didn’t attach the boom vang and i didn’t put up the headsail, only the inner baby sail. I have a cutter rigged sloop. This was done after market.

Well in the last couple days I’ve been working on this website and deciding how to make my posts. I’ve been doing it as a photos with description style for now, with added paragraphs. I think that may work most of the time.

I have to admit I feel a little isolated when I work on and live on my boat projects. Some of my friends understand, and some just plain hate it and they tend to resent it. Well, this boat is a good one and so, it’s going to be worth it.

At first, I was stressed but then as the boat got better I got used to the project and started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and things started to seem more manageable. At the same time, I got in shape with all the contortions and squatting and lunging walking on a sailboat takes. So I gained endurance for working on my deck and that helped things move along as well. Everything takes longer on a sailboat.

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