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Finally moved to a good place.

Finally moved to a good place.

Just a quick update here. I made my first passage through 3 draw bridges and into a good friendly anchorage in Gulfport, FL. I’ve been able to stay on my boat more which is great, even tho its on anchor and not cozy in a slip. My next goal is to get it to a […]

The motor is back on and better than ...

The motor is back on and better than before

Putting an outboard on a boat in the water is always a pain. This outboard weighs maybe 75 pounds. I delivered it to my boat yesterday after taking it off to let a friend borrow it, and then I took it to my brother’s house to work on it. I also got all new fuel […]

Karma Wifi Hotspot and Simple Bank FR...

Karma Wifi Hotspot and Simple Bank FREEDOM

(Update: I’ve been using Tmobile lately because its $35 a month for 6gigs and free video and audio streaming from leading web sources. This is a great deal for me. It covers my data only needs and that means my phone, because its all google based. But I keep my karma as a backup and […]

Maiden Voyage – Single Handed

It has been quite a week in the summer florida heat as I prepared the boat for a short maiden voyage. Dark Star behaved herself except for catching her anchor line on her keel and resting on it during a changing wind from a nearby storm. That brought the attention of a nearby anchor pal […]

My New Shrouds Before and After

It’s such a nice feeling having new shrouds, especially when the old ones were in as bad of shape as these. I am showing only one of the old shrouds below but the other side was just as bad. The shiny new one is my port side. I had to climb to the top of […]

Upgrades and Work Done to Columbia 8....

Updated as work is done to Dark Star Model: Columbia 8.3 27′ Sailboat 1977 with added inner forstay. Purchased: Winter 2014 Documentation: Bought ebook of original manual Sliding Companionway Hatch: dismantled and rebuilt. Had a hole rotted all the way through. Motor:¬†Added outboard transom mount and 8hp sailmaster extra long shaft added. The original non-working […]

Building My Stern Rails

I’m playing with this today. Made out of conduit pipe. Who knows. I have some ideas for how to develop it. I don’t give a crap about looking rich. I’m poor and resourceful. I’m having fun being creative. The circle shape seems simple and efficiently useful. It even may be seen as thoughtful and shabby […]

Running Rigging

Well in the last couple days I’ve been working on this website and deciding how to make my posts. I’ve been doing it as a photos with description style for now, with added paragraphs. I think that may work most of the time. I have to admit I feel a little isolated when I work […]

Dark Star – My 1977 Columbia 8....

This is the story and news blog of Dark Star, my Columbia 8.3 27′ Cruising Sailboat. There’s a lot to tell and it will probably all unfold gradually as I make my blog posts. This post will get things going and take us on a photo-journal-journey from first seeing Dark Star to the current time. […]